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The Most Expensive Suit Brand

What is the most expensive suit brand?

Model Tailors uses the same fabric that is manufactured from wool, cashmere, and silk for the top brands like Armani, Burberry, Gucci, Brioni, Dolce Gabbana, Saint Laurent, Prada, Zegna, Givency, Valentino, Canali and even Tom Ford and Kiton.  What’s the difference in these designers and a Model Tailors Suit?  A Model Tailors custom suit will fit your perfectly and look great.  We use the same fabric as these labels, except we get it straight from the mills.  The result is a new fabric with a fresh look.  Our designers are cutting edge and our master tailors are the best.

Who makes the best suits in the world?  Kiton, Brioni, and Zegna have been known to charge upwards of $45,000 to $60,000 for a suit.  Model Tailors makes a suit with gold and sapphire thread for $25,000.  The bullet proof suit, however, will stop a bullet and save your life.  That suit goes for $40,000.  

Who make the best custom suits in Dallas?  Model Tailors sources the best fabric in the world from Italy, England, France and Australia.  Our Master tailors have over 35 years experience in fine tailoring and in the art of haute couture. 

How much is a men’s custom made suit?  The price is very reasonable.  A full canvas, full lined, hand-made custom suit will cost you about $750.  Our suits are made by our master tailors and sewn to perfection.

How much does a good tailor cost?  A master tailor should have at least 25 years of experience. The cost of alterations will depend a lot on the garment and the type of. Fabric.  A wedding dress with Swarovski crystals will cost about $1,500 to alter.  A fine suit, however, should only cost about $45 to alter. 

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Mens Suits on CBS

Mens Suits on CBS

CBS with Doug Dunbar and Steve Pickett bring you the best mens custom suits made all by hands. Model Tailors designs and makes custom suits for celebrities, reporters, news anchors and television personalities. People of taste and style. A Century of tradition from Model Tailors since 1916.

These days you can get a suit at any department store but the tradition of custom made clothing has always had an audience. There is one woman who carries on the tradition to this day and her dedication shines as a well woven art. Steve Pickett takes us to Greenville avenue to meet Domenica.
This is a story thats all new for you at 6:00.

She sits with silent Singers all around. Stitching threading cutting and crafting with the soundtrack of her homeland as background.
This is all by hand
Domenica Sciortino’s forty plus years inside this Greenville avenue business is tailor made from Italian culture and American skill.
Hand made that is much better. When you make it by hand you make it for the body for the person.
Sciortino the suit maker. A tailor of new clothing.
Model Tailors is well woven in Dallas history built in 1916 and known for tailor Alberto Cercone.
And I came to this country just to come to visit. I have been blessed to come to United States to seek out this business.
But its been Domenica arriving in the US in 1969. Still at the table, her fabrics, her thread. Still doing it by hand. In the past few years she has essentially worked in this back room alone. And frankly clientele has been shrinking. But now there is new help and new life here. There is an additional custom tailor. The Cercone label remains stitched to the pockets of every blazer borne here. With the hands that helped maintain the Greenville Avenue shop are the same hands tailoring suits today. It is Domenica’s domain still.
Steve Pickett CBS 11 News Dallas.

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Mens Custom Suits on News 8

Mens Custom Suits on News 8


15110 Dallas Parkway Suite 120,
Dallas Texas 75248


Cynthia Izaguirre: And while American Airlines has been in business for 90 years.
A tailor shop in Dallas has them beat
News 8 David Schecter takes you to a place where everything is made by hand
Just like it used to be.
DAVID SCHECHTER: Taste’s change. But a well dressed man never goes out of style.
And that’s what’s kept Model Tailors in business for one hundred years. Beautiful
This was its original location in Deep Ellum. Linda Rogers is a long time employee.
LINDA: Absolutely the best workmanship. The best quality.
And as I say: A Century of Tradition.
ANNA: Sixteen and one half
DAVID: Anna Loya bought Model Tailors two years ago and she continues the tradition
ANNA: Some of the customers they have a different length of the arm
DAVID: I have different length arms.
ANNA: You have … You have … You’re perfect. So …
DAVID: They’re the same? Both arms are the same?
ANNA: Yes.
DAVID: While Anna took my measurements we shared some history about the earliest customers.
ANNA: Gamblers and Blues singers. Mafia. Local mafia bosses.
DAVID: Other customer have included the guys from ZZ TOP. Stanley Marcus who started Nieman Marcus. Those are his receipts.
MR. PEPPERMINT: Good morning. Welcome to Peppermint Place.
DAVID: And Jerry Haynes the star of the long running children’s show on WFAA TV, Mr. Peppermint.
That’s the actual bolt of fabric they used for his costume.
I had children who watched Mr. Peppermint. I have a son who juggled on Mr. Peppermint.
In any era, a custom made suit is always a luxury.
If it fits right, it gives you … It gives you … Success. And victory in business. You just feel better. You feel better once you put it on.
And a hundred years later it’s a feeling that people are still willing to pay more for. David Schechter channel 8 News.

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Exclusive vicuna fabric at Model Tailors

The most exclusive fabric in the world.
The most exclusive fabric in the world.

Imagine the most luxurious fabric in the world. Now picture yourself wearing the coat or jacket made of this material. A Model Tailor vicuña coat is be the most beautiful and luxurious clothing you could wear.
What is vicuña you ask? It is a camelid (or camel type of animal) that lives high in the Andes mountains of South America. The biological camelidae family includes the dromedary camel, Bactrian camels, wild camels, llamas, alpacas, guanacos and of course the vicuña. A mountain bred animal suited to cold climate, makes the vicuña fleece the finest and rarest natural fibre in the world. Designers who handle vicuña describe the fabric to be ten times softer than the best cashmere. The only natural fibre softer than vicuña is silk. The little animal produces small quantities of its fleece, making the fabric extremely rare. The animals typically are shorn only once every two years because their hair grows slowly. Each shearing yields about 200 grams of fiber –meaning that it takes five adult vicuñas to produce 1 kilo of wool.
The hair from the vicuña is so rare that for many years, trade in this exclusive material was prohibited. This animal was reduced to almost extinction between the end of the Inca empire in 1572 and the 1970’s as the species was systematically wiped out by Spanish conquistadors and poachers seeking the animal’s precious fleece. By 1974 the vicuña population was decimated, only about 6,000 animals were left and were declared endangered.
In recent years though protection and conservation efforts the animal has begun to thrive. The ranching and sheering process of this creature is strictly adhered to and monitored by the Peruvian and Argentinian government and a consortium of local communities and ranchers. Peru is the national animal of Peru and its emblem is used on the Peruvian coat of arms, made strong effort of conservation. Today the vicuña population has recovered to about 350,000 and thriving in Peru, Chile, Bolivia and Argentina.
What was once known as the “Fibre of the Gods” in the Inca Empire for use only by the emperor is now available to you. Even today vicuña coats are typically sought by Hollywood stars and the super-rich. Fortunately, through Model Tailors you may now purchase the softest and most luxurious fabric in the world to make your custom coat.
Model Tailors designs, cuts, and tailors your coat to exact specifications providing you the finest vicuña clothing in the world. And because we work directly with the Peruvians, MT is able to provide you with the highest quality and finest fabric available. The finest and most beautiful clothing in the world is not reserved only for the super-rich –but also available to you through Model Tailors.

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Where did Stanley Marcus of Neiman Marcus get his suits?

Model Tailor tuxedo
Model Tailor tuxedo

Where did the high-end retailer Stanley Marcus of famed Neiman Marcus get his clothes tailored, you ask? Starting as early as the 1940’s Mr. Marcus custom made his suits at Model Tailors. And we have the receipts to prove it. On very formal occasions he wore an MT tuxedo.
Mr. Marcus wore his MT tuxedo when he presented the distinguished fashion award to Grace Kelly in 1955. For this occasion he chose a shawl collar lapel –that is a solid rounded piece of satin that wraps all the way around. Three years later, he chose a different fabric for his MT tuxedo when he presented Coco Chanel with a fashion award.
Traditionally in very formal occasions known as Black Tie, a gentleman wears the classic tuxedo uniform meant to impress but enhance his appearance. The key for the gentleman is to look sharp and masculine, without stealing attention away from the lady he is with.
Your tuxedo can also have a peak lapel which is considered the most formal look for a tuxedo. And the notch lapel is considered the least formal of the tuxedo style. You should stay away from the more trendy tuxedo with a mandarin collar and no lapel.
After you have chosen one of the three basic types of tuxedoes: peak lapel, shawl collar, or notch lapel. Choose the best fabric you can find. Cashmere and silk combination is your best bet. Also a light tropical wool fabric will look excellent as well. Your tuxedo will have the traditional satin trim to give it that classic look. Whichever style you choose, however, make sure you tuxedo is custom made to fit. The best clothes in the world will only look good if they fit well.
A custom made tuxedo from Model Tailors will make you look great for any Black Tie affair.

MT -Marcus customer PIC 2

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The Best Designers and Tailors

Are you the well-dressed man?
What does it take to be the best dressed man in the room? It takes more than fashion sense and style. Well, you don’t have to wear the name brands to look good. Or even follow the trends.
It really takes a little know how and the right contact to give you access to the best fabrics and clothing in the world.
Just visit Anna Loya at the Dallas haberdashery. Anna has fitted some of the most influential people in Texas with some of the most exclusive fabrics in the world. An MT vicuna coat will blow the doors off any coat you have ever worn or seen for that matter. Your experience will be like driving a Ferrari in a sea of pick-up trucks. Not interested in vicuna? It may be above your price range. Then go for the cashmere-silk design suit that is a perfect fit for your stature. Your suit will show that you are man of class and taste. You will exude confidence and success in your MT suit.
The so-called new fashion menswear keeps going closer to the avant-garde that has no place in the boardroom or even in the cigar room. What kind of response do you expect wearing a Thom Browne suit with cropped trousers? Remember growing up when the kid with the “high water” pants was the object of ridicule? A Tom Ford suit looks great -on the hanger. But have you ever tried one on? You better not weigh more than 150 lbs. It’s the sleek design that can only fit a teenage boy or a marathon runner. Don’t let them force these suits on you like a strait jacket. In reality stay away from the exotic brand names for one simple reason. They won’t look good on you.
What is the solution? Take advantage of 100 years of experience. Get the best fabric you can afford and find the best designers and tailors to fit your body. Get the best. Meet the MT designers for the ultimate bespoke suit experience. You will look great in one of these suits. Then just sit back and enjoy all the admiring looks and the compliments from the ladies. You work hard and you deserve it.
Begin the MT experience. You will never look back.
Classic Cary Grant

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Kingsman--MT-Flyer-WebAre you especially meticulous about your grooming and appearance? Do you spend a substantial amount of time shopping for clothes? What does substantial amount of time mean? Well … did you miss the NFL playoffs to go to Neiman’s last call for the sale on Zegna shirts? You probably don’t go that far. And you don’t want to be called a metrosexual.

If you are a professional who’s dedicated to your business, you probably don’t have a whole lot of time to shop. And even if you do, are you getting the best quality and the best design and keep up with the latest fashion? You probably think that that 5 year old suit still looks good and wears well, so why replace it?
You already know the answer: Your body changes. Fashion changes. The 2016 fashion shows from Paris and Milan showcased some of the most exquisite fabrics for the gentleman’s suit. And the best part is that they start at an affordable price.
One of the main reason to dress well, let’s be honest, is not just to dress for success. It’s to be noticed as a man of taste and class.

The master tailors at Model Tailors can make a bespoke suit with the finest fabric, custom made to fit you stature. For example, James Craig in a t-shirt is just an actor. But put him in a bespoke custom suit and he is transformed into “James Bond” The women want him and the men want to be him. Bond is just one example of what a sharp dressed man can accomplish with an Italian custom suit and a little attitude.

It takes a little effort, however, and a good style consultant like, Anna Loya, who will personally select the best fabric and design for you. Can you do it yourself? You can try. But that might require you to fly to Paris, Milan, and St. Petersburg Russia for your fashion and design education. Or you consult with a designer and fashion consultant Anna to help you chose your wardrobe and the finest custom suit you can afford.

With Anna and her team of designers and master tailors, you will never look back. Your first MT suit will be an experience and the beginning of a new venture.