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Exclusive vicuna fabric at Model Tailors

Imagine the most luxurious fabric in the world. Now picture yourself wearing the coat or jacket made of this material. A Model Tailor vicuña coat is be the most beautiful and luxurious clothing you could wear. What is vicuña you ask? It is a camelid (or camel type of animal) that lives high in the… Read more »

Where did Stanley Marcus of Neiman Marcus get his suits?

Where did the high-end retailer Stanley Marcus of famed Neiman Marcus get his clothes tailored, you ask? Starting as early as the 1940’s Mr. Marcus custom made his suits at Model Tailors. And we have the receipts to prove it. On very formal occasions he wore an MT tuxedo. Mr. Marcus wore his MT tuxedo… Read more »

The Best Designers and Tailors

Are you the well-dressed man? What does it take to be the best dressed man in the room? It takes more than fashion sense and style. Well, you don’t have to wear the name brands to look good. Or even follow the trends. It really takes a little know how and the right contact to… Read more »


Are you especially meticulous about your grooming and appearance? Do you spend a substantial amount of time shopping for clothes? What does substantial amount of time mean? Well … did you miss the NFL playoffs to go to Neiman’s last call for the sale on Zegna shirts? You probably don’t go that far. And you… Read more »