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The Best Designers and Tailors

Are you the well-dressed man?
What does it take to be the best dressed man in the room? It takes more than fashion sense and style. Well, you don’t have to wear the name brands to look good. Or even follow the trends.
It really takes a little know how and the right contact to give you access to the best fabrics and clothing in the world.
Just visit Anna Loya at the Dallas haberdashery. Anna has fitted some of the most influential people in Texas with some of the most exclusive fabrics in the world. An MT vicuna coat will blow the doors off any coat you have ever worn or seen for that matter. Your experience will be like driving a Ferrari in a sea of pick-up trucks. Not interested in vicuna? It may be above your price range. Then go for the cashmere-silk design suit that is a perfect fit for your stature. Your suit will show that you are man of class and taste. You will exude confidence and success in your MT suit.
The so-called new fashion menswear keeps going closer to the avant-garde that has no place in the boardroom or even in the cigar room. What kind of response do you expect wearing a Thom Browne suit with cropped trousers? Remember growing up when the kid with the “high water” pants was the object of ridicule? A Tom Ford suit looks great -on the hanger. But have you ever tried one on? You better not weigh more than 150 lbs. It’s the sleek design that can only fit a teenage boy or a marathon runner. Don’t let them force these suits on you like a strait jacket. In reality stay away from the exotic brand names for one simple reason. They won’t look good on you.
What is the solution? Take advantage of 100 years of experience. Get the best fabric you can afford and find the best designers and tailors to fit your body. Get the best. Meet the MT designers for the ultimate bespoke suit experience. You will look great in one of these suits. Then just sit back and enjoy all the admiring looks and the compliments from the ladies. You work hard and you deserve it.
Begin the MT experience. You will never look back.
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