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Mens Suits on CBS

Mens Suits on CBS

CBS with Doug Dunbar and Steve Pickett bring you the best mens custom suits made all by hands. Model Tailors designs and makes custom suits for celebrities, reporters, news anchors and television personalities. People of taste and style. A Century of tradition from Model Tailors since 1916.

These days you can get a suit at any department store but the tradition of custom made clothing has always had an audience. There is one woman who carries on the tradition to this day and her dedication shines as a well woven art. Steve Pickett takes us to Greenville avenue to meet Domenica.
This is a story thats all new for you at 6:00.

She sits with silent Singers all around. Stitching threading cutting and crafting with the soundtrack of her homeland as background.
This is all by hand
Domenica Sciortino’s forty plus years inside this Greenville avenue business is tailor made from Italian culture and American skill.
Hand made that is much better. When you make it by hand you make it for the body for the person.
Sciortino the suit maker. A tailor of new clothing.
Model Tailors is well woven in Dallas history built in 1916 and known for tailor Alberto Cercone.
And I came to this country just to come to visit. I have been blessed to come to United States to seek out this business.
But its been Domenica arriving in the US in 1969. Still at the table, her fabrics, her thread. Still doing it by hand. In the past few years she has essentially worked in this back room alone. And frankly clientele has been shrinking. But now there is new help and new life here. There is an additional custom tailor. The Cercone label remains stitched to the pockets of every blazer borne here. With the hands that helped maintain the Greenville Avenue shop are the same hands tailoring suits today. It is Domenica’s domain still.
Steve Pickett CBS 11 News Dallas.

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Kingsman--MT-Flyer-WebAre you especially meticulous about your grooming and appearance? Do you spend a substantial amount of time shopping for clothes? What does substantial amount of time mean? Well … did you miss the NFL playoffs to go to Neiman’s last call for the sale on Zegna shirts? You probably don’t go that far. And you don’t want to be called a metrosexual.

If you are a professional who’s dedicated to your business, you probably don’t have a whole lot of time to shop. And even if you do, are you getting the best quality and the best design and keep up with the latest fashion? You probably think that that 5 year old suit still looks good and wears well, so why replace it?
You already know the answer: Your body changes. Fashion changes. The 2016 fashion shows from Paris and Milan showcased some of the most exquisite fabrics for the gentleman’s suit. And the best part is that they start at an affordable price.
One of the main reason to dress well, let’s be honest, is not just to dress for success. It’s to be noticed as a man of taste and class.

The master tailors at Model Tailors can make a bespoke suit with the finest fabric, custom made to fit you stature. For example, James Craig in a t-shirt is just an actor. But put him in a bespoke custom suit and he is transformed into “James Bond” The women want him and the men want to be him. Bond is just one example of what a sharp dressed man can accomplish with an Italian custom suit and a little attitude.

It takes a little effort, however, and a good style consultant like, Anna Loya, who will personally select the best fabric and design for you. Can you do it yourself? You can try. But that might require you to fly to Paris, Milan, and St. Petersburg Russia for your fashion and design education. Or you consult with a designer and fashion consultant Anna to help you chose your wardrobe and the finest custom suit you can afford.

With Anna and her team of designers and master tailors, you will never look back. Your first MT suit will be an experience and the beginning of a new venture.

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Model Tailors helps veterans

Model Tailors helping veterans

Custom Suits for Veterans

For 100 years Model Tailors has maintained a legacy of supporting veterans and helping wounded warriors. Our master tailors are uniquely skilled at fitting service men that have suffered the scars of combat. We understand the importance of honoring our veterans with a custom suit that overcomes the visible and invisible injuries of war. The well designed MT suit will give a serviceman the pride and esprit de corps that his sacrifice deserves.

Model Tailors salutes all our soldiers, sailors, and airmen like disabled veteran, Colonel Jack Tuder, wounded warrior, Michael Jernigan, and many others. We thank you for your service to our great country.