Vicuna the Best Natural Fibre in the World

The most exclusive fabric in the world.

Imagine the most luxurious fabric in the world. Now picture yourself wearing the coat or jacket made of this material. A Model Tailor vicuña coat is be the most beautiful and luxurious clothing you could wear.

What is vicuña you ask? It is a camelid (or camel type of animal) that lives high in the Andes mountains of South America. The biological camelidae family includes the dromedary camel, Bactrian camels, wild camels, llamas, alpacas, guanacos and of course the vicuña. A mountain bred animal suited to cold climate, makes the vicuña fleece the finest and rarest natural fibre in the world. Designers who handle vicuña describe the fabric to be ten times softer than the best cashmere. The only natural fibre softer than vicuña is silk. The little animal produces small quantities of its fleece, making the fabric extremely rare. The animals typically are shorn only once every two years because their hair grows slowly. Each shearing yields about 200 grams of fiber –meaning that it takes five adult vicuñas to produce 1 kilo of wool.
The hair from the vicuña is so rare that for many years, trade in this exclusive material was prohibited. This animal was reduced to almost extinction between the end of the Inca empire in 1572 and the 1970’s as the species was systematically wiped out by Spanish conquistadors and poachers seeking the animal’s precious fleece. By 1974 the vicuña population was decimated, only about 6,000 animals were left and were declared endangered.
In recent years though protection and conservation efforts the animal has begun to thrive. The ranching and sheering process of this creature is strictly adhered to and monitored by the Peruvian and Argentinian government and a consortium of local communities and ranchers. Peru is the national animal of Peru and its emblem is used on the Peruvian coat of arms, made strong effort of conservation. Today the vicuña population has recovered to about 350,000 and thriving in Peru, Chile, Bolivia and Argentina.
What was once known as the “Fibre of the Gods” in the Inca Empire for use only by the emperor is now available to you. Even today vicuña coats are typically sought by Hollywood stars and the super-rich. Fortunately, through Model Tailors you may now purchase the softest and most luxurious fabric in the world to make your custom coat.
Model Tailors designs, cuts, and tailors your coat to exact specifications providing you the finest vicuña clothing in the world. And because we work directly with the Peruvians, MT is able to provide you with the highest quality and finest fabric available. The finest and most beautiful clothing in the world is not reserved only for the super-rich –but also available to you through Model Tailors.